​​A Few Helpful Suggestions for Restyling the Home and/or Staging the Home for Sale  


  #2   -  Editing and Downsizing

To really see your home in a new light, try removing some items.  So often as we acquire new furnishings, we don't realize that some other pieces can be eliminated.  Best to pack up personal items when home staging. Remember when a home is for sale it looks best with fewer personal possessions and the home seems larger.

           #3   -   Reinventing

​To reinvent your home it's time to consider paint color, furniture restyling and adding accessories for impact. Make your home a place that's a pleasure to come home to!  For staging for sale, fresh paint is always appealing for buyers.

​​​​Reside in Style


     #1   -   "Shop In Your Own Home"

You have collected what you own for a reason and chances are you'll like your possessions better when you reimagine or rearrange them. It's often surprising to clients how rearranging what they already own gives new life to the old!